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Car Hire Basel Airport


We compare over 500 companies to give you the best possible price!

If you seek for a more independent way to move through Basel, the best option for you is without any doubt to hire a car.

If you’re a planning to explore the main cities, hiring a car is not recommended since the traffic can be heavy, it is difficult to find parking spaces and if you’re not used to drive in narrow streets with a heavy traffic flow it is better to reconsider it.

Also, there are many places where cars are not allowed to get it, specially in Interlaken. Taking public transport can be a nice idea since it is efficient, fast and at a reasonable price.


See attached the available car hire companies in Basel Airport:

French Sector:

- Avis / Budget: +33 03 89 90 29 39
- Enterprise: +33 03 89 67 24 39
- Europcar: +33 03 89 69 23 58
- Hertz: +33 03 89 70 87 00
- Sixt: +33 01 44 38 55 55

Swiss Sector:

- Avis / Budget: +41 061 325 28 40
- Enterprise: +41 058 122 04 10
- Europcar: +41 061 325 29 03 / 04
- Hertz: +41 061 325 27 80
- Sixt: +41 061 325 15 40 / 41

Opening hours: 24 hours. 


Find car rental booths in the following locations according to the sector:
French sector: In the second level of the terminal building at the Hall 1. 
Swiss sector: In the second level of the terminal building in the Hall 4. 

Online car rental

Just remind you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use! 

Renting a car in Switzerland – Tips and advices

- To be able to drive in Switzerland you’ll need to possess the International Driver’s Permit (IDP) along with a copy of the driving license of your country in French, German or Italian according to the canton you want to drive.

- To be able to hire a car in Switzerland you need to be at least 20 years old and have a year of driver’s permit. If you’re also under 25, you’ll be surcharged.

- Since 2016, it is not permitted to drive a non-EU registered car by a EU citizen outside Switzerland. Instead, Swiss citizens are allowed to do so (although some countries restricted it). If you’re a EU citizen and you wish to drive across borders, make sure to rent a German, French or Italian registered car to avoid possible fares.

- Many of the villages around Interlaken and all the mountaintops have banned car access, it is only allowed to get there by public transport. 

- Driving in Winter can be specially challenging when it comes to snow and the roads are covered with ice. Although snow tires are not mandatory, if the car is not equipped properly you can be fined or have your license confiscated, be careful!